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Sept. 18, 2020

BONUS POD: "Much Ado About Boimler" Review

This week on Lower Decks, Boimler gets transported out of phase, Tendi makes a dog, and Mariner's best friend from the Academy guest Captains aboard the Cerritos. Joining us to help review this week's episode is Erin Coplan f...

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Sept. 11, 2020

Welcome to the Future

This week on ASNP, we’re covering some of the bigger pieces of news to come out of Star Trek Day. First, we’ll be breaking down what we saw in the Season 3 trailer for Star Trek: Discovery . Also, though there wasn’t a lot of...

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Sept. 4, 2020

BONUS POD: "Cupid's Errant Arrow" Review

Two star-crossed lovers...literally! On this week's episode of Lower Decks, we meet Boimler's girlfriend. Is she a founder? An android? Maybe a parasite? Meanwhile, aboard the U.S.S Vancouver, Tendi and Rutherford are in awe ...

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Aug. 28, 2020

BONUS POD: Lower Decks "Moist Vessel" Review

This week on our Lower Decks Bonus Pod, we finally, maybe unwillingly, find out what the holodeck is really used for. Also, mother and daughter finally have to work together despite Captain Freeman's attempts to sabotage her ...

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Aug. 21, 2020

BONUS POD: Lower Decks "Temporal Edict" Review

No buffer time on this show, as the ASNP crew are back for another Bonus Edition as they review Lower Decks Episode 3, "Temporal Edict." This week, Julian, Erik, Brittany, and Hawk are joined by friend of the show, Simon Stag...

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Aug. 14, 2020

BONUS POD: Lower Decks "Envoys" Review

Another week, another new episode of Star Trek Lower Decks! On this bonus edition of the pod, you've seen her awesome Lower Decks avatars for Trek fans all over Instagram and Twitter, Marcie London beams onto ASNP as our spec...

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Aug. 7, 2020

BONUS POD: Lower Decks "Second Contact" Review

Star Trek: Lower Decks is finally here, and the ASNP crew are ready to transport to the U.S.S. Cerritos! In this bonus pod hosted by Erik, the team gives their thoughts on the show's first episode, and the potential it has mo...

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