Star Trek Lower Decks Episodes

Oct. 21, 2022

Lower Decks "Trusted Sources" Review

Join the Section 31 contingent of Strange New Pod (Erik, Girafe, and Hawk) for hijinks and chaos as they review and break down the penultimate episode of Star Trek Lower Decks season three, "Trusted Sources." What happens wh...

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Oct. 14, 2022

Lower Decks "Crisis Point II: Paradoxus" Review

With only two more weeks to go before Lower Decks season three wraps up, the show gives us one of its best episodes to date, "Crisis Point II: Paradoxus!" Join Erik, Girafe, Hawk, and Julian as they break this one down. Even ...

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Oct. 7, 2022

Lower Decks "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption" Review

There are only three more episodes of Lower Decks season three left after this week's seventh installment, "A Mathematically Perfect Redemption." Join Erik, Girafe, Hawk, and Julian as they review and break down this divisive...

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Sept. 30, 2022

Fred Tatasciore Interview + Lower Decks "Hear All, Trust Nothing" Review

This week the SNP crew review Lower Decks' sixth episode of season three, "Hear All, Trust Nothing." The Cerritos crew unexpectedly spends a day on Deep Space Nine! We also welcome Lt. Shaxs himself onto the pod! Fred Tatasci...

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Sept. 23, 2022

Lower Decks "Reflections" Review

We've hit the halfway point on Star Trek Lower Decks' third season! Join Erik, Girafe, and Hawk as they break down and review what is arguably one of the show's best episodes ever, "Reflections." What happens when Rutherford...

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Sept. 16, 2022

Episode 100 | Lower Decks "Room For Growth" Review

On this very special edition of Strange New Pod, the crew celebrates the show's 100th episode! Join Julian, Erik, Brittany, Hawk, and Girafe for a night of throwbacks, fun, and of course, their review of this week's episode o...

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Sept. 8, 2022

Lower Decks: "Mining the Mind's Mines" Review

Join Erik, Girafe, Hawk, and Julian for another week of Lower Decks shenanigans with their review and deep dive of episode 303, "Mining the Mind's Mines!" The Lower Deckers are on clean-up duty again, this time helping the cr...

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Sept. 2, 2022

Lower Decks "The Least Dangerous Game" Review

This week, Girafe, Hawk, and Julian review and break down Lower Decks' second episode of season two, "The Least Dangerous Game." Brad Boimler is a new man…he’s BOLD Boimler? But does he go too far when he lets K’Ranch hunt hi...

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Aug. 26, 2022

Lower Decks S3 Premiere: "Grounded" Review

Star Trek Lower Decks is finally back, and the SNP crew is joined by the Borg Queen of Puns herself, Brittany Tomes , who makes her puntastic return to help break the third season premiere down. How long did it take for Marin...

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Aug. 19, 2022

Boom! Drumhead, Part Two | Analyzing Una & Carol's Upcoming Trials

It's part two of our courtroom drama series, as the crew welcomes Josh Gilliand and Nari Ely from The Legal Geeks to the show, bringing their expertise to this week's deep dive into both Number One and Captain Freeman's upcom...

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July 29, 2022

Just Keep Circling: SDCC 2022 Wrap-Up w/ Myrriah Gossett

We're back after a week off with all the news from Star Trek's big Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2022! Our friend Myrriah Gossett from Star Trek Discovery Pod joins Girafe, Hawk, and Julian to break it all down. Will Je...

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Oct. 15, 2021

"First First Contact" Review + Season Two Wrap-Up

Star Trek Lower Decks sophomore season wrapped up an incredible run this past Thursday and the ASNP crew are at their stations as they review the finale, "First First Contact." Joining the show once again is David Majors from...

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Oct. 8, 2021

"wej Duj" Review + Trivia Night!

It's the 50th episode of A Strange New Pod! Join the crew for this very special edition of the podcast. First, it's trivia night as Girafe, Brittany, Hawk, and Erik get asked 13 Trek questions each by Julian as they play for ...

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Oct. 1, 2021

"I Excretus" Review

Join Julian, Brittany, and Hawk this week as another episode of Lower Decks warps into the system. On this week's episode, it's training day! Ensigns are Captains and Captains are Ensigns. We have easter eggs galore, and some...

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Sept. 24, 2021

"Where Pleasant Fountains Lie" Review

Season two of Lower Decks warps right along as the ASNP crew reviews episode seven, "Where Pleasant Fountains Lie." This week, we found out that Billups is royalty, probably ace, and his mom is a Queen who lives on a ren fair...

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