Strange New Pod is a weekly Star Trekpodcast and live show. Here at SNP, we're focusing on Strange New Worldsseries as well as the past, present, and future of Trek.

Hosted by Julian Brown, Erik Canaria, Michael "Hawk" Hough, and Spotted Giraffe, and Emcee Frodis our crew have a ton of fun each week with our episode reviews of allnew Star Trekbest of species series, and so much more. Our main show is also a Trekkies dream, as we cover everything from the Trekfilms, to deep dives of long-forgotten episodes. 

About the Hosts

Emcee FrodisProfile Photo

Emcee Frodis


Emcee Frodis is a writer, artist, and pop culture scholar from Ontario, Canada. She is Bicelestial, loving both Trek and Wars. She cannot watch anything without writing her own backstory, leading to her Daily Headcanon Minute videos. She also may or may not be Giraffe.

Spotted GiraffeProfile Photo

Spotted Giraffe


Die-hard TOS appreciator, inspired communication officer on a lifelong globe-trotting mission, occasional trivia and happy hour organizer, official lizard bébé, "snack" aficionado, and first Collective member to get married on board of the Enterprise. Would rather be on Romulas. Giraffe is the CAPTAIN NOW!


Michael "Hawk" Hough


Hawk lives in Ontario, Canada, and loves television, movies, music, and video games. He grew up on episodes of TNG and worshipped Patrick Stewart to the point of following him into male pattern baldness. Season and episode names? Yeah, he’s got that.

Erik CanariaProfile Photo

Erik Canaria

Co-Host & Stream Manager

Erik is a self admitted music, video game & film geek… sometimes actor/director/writer. He has been podcasting for over 10 years. His weaknesses include shiny things, audio equipment, and collector’s editions. Oh yeah, and "Faith of the Heart."

Julian BrownProfile Photo

Julian Brown

Creator & Co-Host

Julian is the creator and co-host of Strange New Pod. His first experience with Star Trek was TNG and The Undiscovered Country. On his off days, he likes long walks on the beaches of Risa. Strives for the rest of his team to read the outline.