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Love this pod!

I really love listening to this pod! The insights each host has is really enjoyable! Tuning into this feels like I am listening to a group of my friends talk about Trek. I hope it goes on for a long, long time! Live long and prosper Strange New Pod!

Strangely Soothing

What a great podcast! Great group of folks. They have so much fun, and we get the good and not-so-good of each episode, with differing viewpoints and neat guests.

I discovered Strange New Pod in November 2021. I was a stranger to them & Discord. They were welcoming, gladly helpful & best of all, fun! There is unending discussion of varying theories & opinions and lots of joking & laughter - all for the love of Star Trek. What could be better? The podcast itself is well led by Julian who has an obvious creative gift. The other hosts (number varies week to week), including Julian, are highly knowledgeable of Star Trek lore. They are able to tie in even some of the most obscure & forgotten details of past shows to lend depth & understanding to the current shows. The shows are insightful, enjoyable, funny and friendly. Generally it is a good time every single week. This lifelong Trek nerd gives a hearty thumbs up!

This is a fantastic podcast with with a fun and friendly crew.

Great Pod and Amazing Community Building

I always appreciate the different insights the team brings to Star Trek. I also appreciate the work they all do to build community among Star Trek fans.

Incredible Star Trek pod!

A must for all fans!

Strange new pod is by far the best Star Trek show that I have found in 2021. The hosts truly love what they are talking about and if there is something they don’t like well they won’t sugarcoat it but you can tell with all 6 hosts that Star Trek is their passion. To the creator: Mr Julian Brown I am so happy I found your show and to the others Live Long and Prosper and I will see you shortly. Love you all!

Found this podcast when the co-host of another Star Trek podcast guested on it. Since then I've been tuning in live when I can, and listening later when I can't. "Captain" Julian runs a tight ship with a fun crew, and the live chat on the live stream on Twitch is always hilarious and occasionally illuminating. Patrons on Patreon get to join the Discord server where the conversations and watch parties happen. Highly recommend!

Strange New Pod is a weekly podcast that I found thanks to a close friend who recommended it since they know I have been listening to Star Trek Podcasts since 2013! If you are wanting to watch the recording live they give you the option to join them on Twitch, but if you miss the show it will be downloaded to your PADD before you wake up the next morning! I have only been listening since Febuary 2021 but I consider Strange New Pod to be in my top 3 Star Trek podcasts ever! But don't take my word for it, join us on Twitch and see for yourself!!

I have been listening and interacting with this podcast for about a year now (specifically since their episode on Discovery, 'People of Earth'), and it has been a delight, particularly for helping to get through the existential hell that is this pandemic. All of the hosts are charismatic and engaging, yet also diverse and not monolithic in their opinions on the franchise. Even in discussions of films, episodes, or events that they personally may not love or agree upon, the podcast always maintains a wonderful sense of optimism regardless. And I enjoy that. What could be more emblematic of Trek as a whole?

A must listen for any Trekkie! open minded, pun oriented and welcoming space to speak about all of Star Trek !

This Star Trek podcast is amazing. All the host are so knowledgeable. Please check them out 😀🖖

Love this show! Julian, Brittany, Erik, Hawk, and Erin are such a fun group and I love hearing their takes on the vast world of Trek.

Love this podcast!

Absolutely my favorite Trek podcast! I can imagine myself talking all things Star Trek with this crew like we were old friends. Highly recommend!

The heart of Trek

ASNP features hosts which, in my humble opinion, reflect the best of Star Trek and its ideals. The hosts have such an amazing dynamic which makes their hot takes on Trek feel like you're sitting next to them as they discuss everything Trek. Also the many fantastic puns 😆

A+ trek!

Great podcast to drive home to If you have a love for Star Trek and puns, look no further

A fun ride!

These Star Trek fans make everything accessible and fun! Worth listening to every week.


This is a fun group, the chat is easy to follow and very friendly. I also love all of their art, it’s beautifully done, and I like the use of LCARS, it’s just so well thought out. I’m loving their lower decks commentary and looking forward to the new SNW stuff when it comes out!

Trek Talk Has Never Been More Fun!

From the original series to JJ’s films, the SNP crew are doing a great job filling in the time as we wait for Strange New Worlds to hit our televisions. With the addition of their Lower Decks bonus pods, A Strange New Pod is a welcome addition to my weekly podcast rotation.

Star Trek Fun!

Love this pod, Julian, Brittany, Erik and Hawk are a really fun group and I love listening to them geek out over Star Trek

Strange New Listens

Approaching this show as a barely casual Star Trek viewer, A Strange New Pod is accessible for fans of all levels. It's informative, engaging, and easy to follow along with. Give them a listen and subscribe now!