Feb. 4, 2022

"A Moral Star, Part 2" Review

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It was a busy week at Strange New Pod HQ! From the announcement of our first-ever podcast festival Captain Picard Week to our first look at the key art for Strange New Worlds. And of course, the mid-season finale of Star Trek Prodigy.*

The crew open up the show with the full list of podcasts that will be joining us at the end of the month for Captain Picard Week, followed by a breakdown of all the Strange New Worlds news, including a scene shown to the Television Critics Association featuring Uhura.

Then, it's onto SNP's review of Star Trek Prodigy's mid-season finale, "A Moral Star, Pt. 2." Did the show stick the landing heading into its first major break? What surprises did the finale give us? And where do we think the show is going?

All that and more on this jam-packed edition of Strange New Pod.

*Note: If you're just here for our review of theProdigy mid-season finale, it begins at 31:48.

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