Aug. 5, 2022

All My Hopes - Remembering Nichelle Nichols

Join Girafe, Julian, and special guest David Majors from the Promenade Merchants Podcast for this very special edition of Strange New Pod celebrating the life and accomplishments of Nichelle Nichols.

Tributes From:

9:05 -
Heather Rae From Mission Log Live

16:15 -
Heather Kirby From Promenade Merchants

30:00 -
Fatheree From Tex Trek

35:04 -
Emcee Frodis

46:00 - Ashlyn & Rhianna Herd From
The Duras Sisters Podcast

54:02 - Adrienne From
Where's Beverly? Read by Girafe

56:40 -
Cara from The Star Dispatch

1:02:09 - Ashlyn Sings "Quietly Now" From the Fanzine "Goddess Uhura"

1:08:19 -
Myrriah Gossett From Star Trek Discovery Pod Read by Julian

1:13:05 -
Sohail A.K.A. Starfleet Boy

1:19:25 -
Marina From Le Quadrant Pop

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David MajorsProfile Photo

David Majors

Podcaster and Producer

Described as a “prolific podcaster and producer”, David Majors fancies himself a multi-fandom specialist, an unofficial ambassador to his hometown of Detroit, and a techie and information junkie.
After his rebellious teens and twenties dabbling in anime and pro wrestling, David (Or D.j.m.) has made his way “back home” to Star Trek, with far too many stories of conventions, podcasts, and live streams to keep to himself.
Follow David on Twitter @CallMeDjm, and check out Record Breakers, Sports Odds & Ends, and Promenade Merchants in your podcatcher of choice! And remember to #StayEngaged

Ashlyn and RhiannaProfile Photo

Ashlyn and Rhianna

The Duras Sisters Podcast

The Duras Sisters Podcast is all about honoring the fantastic characters and storylines in the Star Trek Universes. Two sisters, Ashlyn and Rhianna Herd, join the House of Duras and partake in weekly discussions about every series of Star Trek through a philosophical lens and Series Theme.

Each series will feature a theme and every new episode will travel from the Original Series to Lower Decks, diving deeply into each detail of this epic franchise. Episodes 1-9 is our Pilot Series, Episodes 10-17 will be our Family Series, followed by our Love and Affection Series.

This podcast is the Star Trek fix you didn't know you needed, brought to you by the sisters who are as close as Lursa and B'etor themselves… except we survived Generations.