Oct. 9, 2020

BONUS POD: "No Small Parts" Review

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It's the season finale of Lower Decksand we've brought back all of our guests from our Bonus Pods to help us break down "No Small Parts."

Our guests this week are Marcie London from the newly launched Disco Tech Podcast, Simon Stager, Michael Schaus from Geeks with Kids, Erin Coplan from Allie, Erin, and the Multiverse, and Matt Reppert from Everything is Permitted!

This week on Lower Decks,Mariner's big secret is revealed to the Cerritoscrew, Rutherford tinkers with his implant, Tendi trains an interesting new crew member, and Boimler eyes promotion.

It all comes to a head when a familiar foe(?) attacks the Cerritos.Mariner and the crew must think on their feet or face destruction. Does everyone come out unscathed? Does a certain former first officer make an appearance?

Find out on our season finale review!

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Matt ReppertProfile Photo

Matt Reppert

Matt is one of the co-hosts over at Everything is Permitted. One of his mad science experiments, Raiders of the Bargain Bin, is a fan favorite segment on EIP.

Michael SchausProfile Photo

Michael Schaus

Co-Host and Contributor, Geeks With Kids

Michael Schaus is a co-host and contributor to the Geeks With Kids Podcast, and an avid Trek fan.

Marcie LondonProfile Photo

Marcie London

Marcie is a portrait artist as well as the host and creator of the DISCO Tech Podcast.