Dec. 11, 2020

BONUS POD: "Terra Firma, Pt. 1" Review

This week, Tolor actor Ian Lake joins the ASNP crew to talk about his role as the villainous Orion in episodes six and eight of this season of Discovery. Ian talks to us about the makeup process, auditioning, and much more.

Later, it's our review of "Terra Firma, Pt. 1," as Georgiou fights against time, emerging back in the Mirror Universe as the fearsome overlord of the Empire.

Plus, another puzzle piece in the quest to discover who caused the Burn, the Strange New Loop, and much more on this bonus edition of A Strange New Pod.

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Ian Lake


Ian Lake is an actor, known for Star Trek: Discovery, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and Stratford Festival: Macbeth.