Jan. 8, 2021

BONUS POD: "That Hope is You, Pt. 2" Review

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"Disconnection. That's how this future began. One moment in time. It radiated outward until no one even remembered that connection was possible anymore. But it is. "
Michael Burnham

This week the crew of "A Strange New Pod,"  with special guests Michael from Geeks with Kids and Marion AKA Spotted Giraffe, gathers to react and review the Star Trek Discovery season 3 finale - "That Hope Is You, Pt. 2." 

As the Emerald Chain tightens its grip and the mystery of the Burn is finally solved, Burnham and the crew have one last chance to save themselves - and the Federation. What did we think about the retaking of the Discovery? Did the resolution of the Burn feel earned? And where do we think the next season is headed?

Later, we have the Strange New Loop, Twitch comments, and much more on this bonus edition of A Strange New Pod.

Find out all of this on A Strange New Pod's live review!


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