March 24, 2023

Picard "The Bounty" Review + Todd Stashwick Interview

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The entire SNP team is back for episode 306 of Star Trek Picard, "The Bounty!" Join Emcee, Erik, Girafe, Hawk, and Julian as they welcome Captain Liam Shaw himself, Todd Stashwick, to the pod!

The crew talks with him about his newfound fame in memes, his love for D&D, Shaw's past, tattoos, and so much more!

Then, it's SNP's review of "The Bounty." With Titan on the run, Jean-Luc turns to Geordi for help. How does the reunion go? What happens when Worf, Raffi, and Seven go to investigate Daystrome Station? What secrets do they find there, and what happens when Will is captured? And finally, with Data/Lore/Lal/Soong/B4 onboard Titan, what game changing revelation do they share about what the changelings stole from the station? The team breaks it all down.

Plus, the mailbag, news, and much more on this very special 128th episode of Strange New Pod.

Todd Stashwick Interview: 12:17
"The Bounty" Review: 42:43

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Todd Stashwick


Todd Stashwick is an American actor and writer born in Chicago, IL. He is known for his roles as Dale Malloy on The Riches, Deacon on 12 Monkeys, and currently as Captain Liam Shaw of the USS Titan on Star Trek Picard.