April 16, 2021

"Bride of Chaotica" Table Read

Join the Strange New Pod crew for their second-ever table read. This is one the team has been wanting to do for a while, and that's Star Trek Voyager's  "Bride of Chaotica!"

Patron Collective member and one of our awesome discord mods, Spotted Giraffe guests as Captain Janeway/Queen Arachnia as well as Lonzak.

Narrator/The Doctor - Hawk
Janeway/Arachnia/Lonzak - Spotted Giraffe
Chaotica/Tuvok - Brittany
Harry Kim/Seven/Alien - Julian
Tom Paris/B'lanna - Erin
Chakotay/Neelix/Robot - Erik

Star Trek Voyager  Main Theme composed by Jerry Goldsmith
Performed by Eric Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
 Theme owned by ViacomCBS

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Spotted Giraffe

Wild Tribble Chase founding member, die-hard TOS appreciator, inspired communication officer on a lifelong globe-trotting mission, occasional Rogue Drunk Space 9 organizer, official lizard bébé, "snack" aficionado, and first Collective member to get married on board of the Enterprise with ASNP crew as a bridesmaid, Giraffe is the CAPTAIN NOW!