March 11, 2022

Discovery "Species Ten-C" & Picard "Penance" Reviews

It's a double dose of Star Trek this week as Erik, Girafe, and Hawk review brand-new episodes of Discovery and Picard.

First, the crew reviews the penultimate episode of Star Trek Discovery season four, "Species Ten-C." After a couple of episode fumbles, was the big reveal of this season's big mystery worth the wait? How does this episode remind the team of Denis Villeneuve's Arrival?  And has Tarka finally gone full bad guy?

Then, it's back to the 25th century, but a very different-looking version than the one we know. Where has Q transported Jean-Luc and his crew and why is it a totalitarian nightmare? How does Seven get the nickname "Annika Seven Shots?" And what is the Borg Queen's role in all of this?

Plus, the mailbag and much more on this skull-filled episode of Strange New Pod.

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