Sept. 16, 2022

Episode 100 | Lower Decks "Room For Growth" Review

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On this very special edition of Strange New Pod, the crew celebrates the show's 100th episode! Join Julian, Erik, Brittany, Hawk, and Girafe for a night of throwbacks, fun, and of course, their review of this week's episode of Lower Decks, "Room For Growth."

What happens when a senior officer room comes up for grabs on Deck One? Who knows the Cerritos better, Boimler, Mariner, and Tendi, or their arch-rivals, Delta Shift? Also, does forced shore leave work for Rutherford and Billups and their team of engineers? Or was it Captain Freeman who really needed shore leave? The crew breaks it all down!

A big thanks to so many of our friends and fellow podcasters who sent in congrats, including Matthew from Trek Untold, Nami Melumad, David & Heather over at the Promenade Merchants Podcast, Fatheree from TexTrek, Jessie Gender, and Ashlyn & Rhianna from the Duras Sisters!

And as always, the Strange New Loop, mailbag, and so much more on SNP's 100th episode!

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