Jan. 14, 2022

"First Con-tact" Review

Join the ASNP crew at full strength on what is quite possibly the most chaotic episode of the show yet as they review Star Trek Prodigy episode 107, "First Con-tact!"

This week, the Ferengi are back! We’ve had a Cool Ferengi in Lower Decks, we’ve had a Starfleet captain and a bartender on Discovery, and Prodigy brings us back to their conniving ways with Nandi. How does the crew react when a First Contact mission with Dal’s old mentor goes sideways? What secrets does Janeway uncover while putting together the story of the Protostar’s troubled past? We break it all down!

Plus, the Strange New Loop, some really fun times, and much more on episode 63 of A Strange New Pod.

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