April 27, 2023

Frederik Wiedmann & Stephen Barton Interview

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Join Erik and Julian for this very special edition of SNP as they sit down with Freddie Wiedmann and Stephen Barton, who composed the epic score for Star Trek Picard's final season.

They deep dive and geek out about how Picard season three's cinematic score came to be, and how Freddie ended up joining the team late on in the process. Plus, an intimate look into some tracks on the album, including "Dominion, "Leaving Spackdock," and many more. 

All on episode 133 of Strange New Pod!

Track Credits:
"Welcome Aboard" - Jerry Goldsmith, Star Trek First Contact
"Leaving Spacedock" - Stephen Barton, Star Trek Picard
"Star Trek: Voyager Main Title" - Jerry Goldsmith, Star Trek: Voyager
"Legacies" - Stephen Barton, Star Trek Picard
"Dominion" - Frederik Wiedmann, Star Trek Picard
"Legacy and Future" - Stephen Barton & Frederik Wiedmann, Star Trek Picard

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Stephen BartonProfile Photo

Stephen Barton


Stephen Barton is a British composer who has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 2001. He has composed the music for dozens of major film, television, and video game projects. Barton is known for his work on Syfy's 12 Monkeys, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and its upcoming sequel, Jedi Survivor. Along with Frederik Wiedmann, Stephen Barton composed the score for the final season of Star Trek Picard.

Frederik WiedmannProfile Photo

Frederik Wiedmann


EMMY-Award winning Frederik Wiedmann is one of the most diverse and professional composers in motion pictures today. His most recent works include The Dragon Prince, The Devil Beneath, and Big Nate. Wiedmann, along with Stephen Barton, composed the score for the final season of Star Trek Picard.