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Matthew Kaplowitz

Matthew is the host and producer of the Trek Untold podcast, an interview series with actors, stunt performers, writers, directors, behind-the-scenes crew, and everyone in-between who has contributed to the Star Trek universe. Each episode deep dives into the guests personal and professional experiences to document their life journey, and see how those elements connect to their time in Trek.

He is also the owner of the YouTube channel, Nerd News Today, which covers toys, movies, comics, and pop-culture stories.

Feb. 16, 2023

Time Has Been Broken: A Look Back At Picard Season Two | Captain Picard Week II

For better or for worse, the Strange New Pod crew takes a look back at Star Trek Picard season two. What were their favorite moments? Least favorite moments? Hopes for season three? Julian and the crew go through it all. Matt...

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