Oct. 28, 2022

"The Stars at Night" Lower Decks S3 Finale Review w/ Matthew Kaplowitz

Ten weeks have warped by as quickly as Q snaps a finger, and the SNP team has their review and breakdown of the Lower Decks season three finale, "The Stars at Night." Trek Untold's Matthew Kaplowitz lends his voice as the show's special guest for this week's finale review!

What happens when Carol challenges Admiral Buenamigo's Texas class to a second contact race with the fate of the Cali class at stake? What does Boimler do to deeply offend Shaxs? Mariner is having a BLAST, so why is her spider sense going off? And finally, Rutherford’s big secret is finally revealed; is the team satisfied? The crew breaks it all down!

Plus, a quick wrap-up on Lower Decks season three as a whole, mailbag, and so much more on this jam-packed 107th episode of Strange New Pod!

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