March 17, 2022

Kirk SNW Casting + Picard "Assimilation" Review

When you think it's going to be a quiet week, Trek Tuesday rolls around and throws another Ben Sisko curveball at you.

On this packed edition of Strange New Pod, Girafe, Hawk, and Julian breakdown the big Strange New Worlds casting news, with Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) set to play James T. Kirk in the show's second season. Plus, the team goes through our collective's thoughts on the casting in the mailbag.

Then, it's onto SNP's review of Star Trek Picard episode 203, "Assimilation." With the Borg Queen drained upon La Sirena's arrival in 2024, what drastic action must Jurati take to get her back online? How do Raffi and Seven navigate Los Angeles of the past? And why does Rios wind up in a clinic? The crew breaks it all down and more. 

Plus, Girafe's report on the awesome 10 Forward Experience in LA and much more.

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