Oct. 21, 2022

Lower Decks "Trusted Sources" Review

Join the Section 31 contingent  of Strange New Pod (Erik, Girafe, and Hawk) for hijinks and chaos as they review and break down the penultimate episode of Star Trek Lower Decks season three, "Trusted Sources."

What happens when a reporter from the Federation News Network comes on board the Cerritos to cover Carol’s new Second Contact checkup initiative? What does Mariner do to finally get thrown off the ship and sent to Starbase 80? And finally, after a sneak attack by the Breen, and Project Swing By on the fritz, where does this leave the Cerritos and her crew?  The SNP team do a deep dive and try to answer these questions.

Plus, the Strange New Loop, mailbag, and much more on episode 105 of Strange New Pod.

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