Sept. 3, 2021

"Mugato, Gumato" Review

This week on ASNP, CBS and Paramount dropped some big Star Trek Prodigy and Picard news! The crew reacts to the beautiful new opening credits for Prodigy, composed by Michael Giacchino.

Plus, Annie Wersching has been cast as the Borg Queen in Picard season two. Julian, Erik, Brittany, Hawk, and Giraffe give their thoughts on what this means for the series and the possible interactions between the Queen and Q.

And finally, the team review this week's episode of Lower Decks, S2EP4, "Mugato, Gumato." Is Mariner a Section 31 agent? Is Mugato poo tangy? Can Tendi successfully give Dr. T'Ana her checkup?

Find out on this jam-packed episode of A Strange New Pod!

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