March 4, 2022

Star Trek Picard S2 Premiere: "The Star Gazer" Review

At long last, Star Trek Picard season two has finally warped into our sector with the season two premiere, "The Star Gazer." SNP wasn't around yet when Picard season one debuted, so it's an exciting time for the pod to get to break down these episodes together.

Where are Jean-Luc and the rest of his rag-tag crew a year and a half removed from the events of "Et in Arcadia Ego?" What does the sudden appearance of a subspace time rift mean? And what is the nature and meaning of Q's involvement? The SNP crew breaks down the critically acclaimed premiere, theorizes about what's to come, and gushes over the brand new Stargazer.

Plus, the strange new loop, mailbag, and so much more on episode 71 of SNP.

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