June 10, 2022

SNW "Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach" Review

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We are officially into the back half of Strange New Worldswith episode 106. This week, after a comedic break, SNWdelivers with its deepest and most powerful episode yet. And as always, Erik, Girafe, Hawk, and Julian are here to break it all down?

What happens when Captain Pike rescues an old flame along with a very important child? Who is at the heart of the conspiracy to kidnap him? And what horrible discovery does Pike make planetside? And how did Uhura do on her rotational shift with La'an? The SNP answer all those questions and more.

Plus, the crewmember of the week, a hefty mailbag section, and much more on episode 87 of Strange New Pod.  

**CONTENT WARNING: This episode of Strange New Pod talks about sensitive topics such as gun violence, child abuse, and more. Listener discretion is advised.** 

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