June 3, 2022

SNW "Spock Amok" Review w/ Karyn Brown

Strange New Worlds' first season hits its midway point with the show's most lighthearted and hilarious episode yet in "Spock Amok." With Girafe on an away mission over to Star Trek Discovery Pod, the SNP team welcome Julian's wife Karyn back to the show to help them break it all down.

What happens when Spock and T’Pring swap bodies after a soul-sharing ritual goes wrong? Are Number and La’an able to complete the entire Enterprise Bingo list? Should Chapel and Ortegas be giving relationship advice? The team answers these questions and more!

Plus, the cast list drawing for the pod's upcoming table read of "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad," crew member of the week and much more on episode 86 of Strange New Pod.   

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