April 1, 2022

SNW M'Benga & Chapel Teaser Reactions | Picard "Fly Me to the Moon" Review

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It's SNP's final live episode review before Julian and Girafe grab a shuttle ride to Mission Chicago!

Join the crew as they react to the latest set of Strange New Worlds character teasers featuring Doctor M'Benga and Nurse Chapel. Erik also explains why he's choosing not to watch the plethora of previews we've gotten this week.

Then, it's on to our review of episode 205 of Star Trek Picard, "Fly Me to the Moon." At the show's midpoint already, we're introduced to Dr. Adam Soong and his daughter Kore. How does Q come face to face with Soong and what is his play? Jean-Luc also meets the watcher. What's her connection to The Orginal Series and why is Picard's ancestor Renee so important to fixing the timeline? Finally, the Borg Queen makes a big play. What are the ramifications for Agnus and the crew?

We break it all down; plus the strange new loop, mailbag, and much more on episode 76 of Strange New Pod!

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