June 17, 2022

SNW "The Serene Squall" Review

Arrrr, it's Strange New Pod's review of episode 107 of Strange New Worlds, "The Serene Squall!" Join Erik, Girafe, Hawk, Julian, and Erin who makes her triumphant and surprise return to the pod as they break down this amazing pirate romp of an episode.
What happens when former Starfleet counselor Dr. Aspen joins the crew to help find a group of missing colonists? What is her fascination with Spock? And when Pike and Una are captured by an Orion pirate, how do they wiggle their way out of the situation and take back Enterprise? And what about THAT big reveal?  The SNP team has all the answers. 

Plus, crew member of the week, the return of the strange new loop on episode 88 of Strange New Pod! 

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