Oct. 29, 2021

Star Trek Prodigy Premiere: "Lost & Found" Review

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It's an exciting time for Trek fans as the latest series in the franchise, Star Trek Prodigy, has made its series debut. Prodigy is the first show in the franchise geared towards kids and what better way to review the show than welcome two members of the target audience to help the crew review it?

ASNP welcomes Julian's daughter Cadet Cecily and Erik's daughter, Cadet Kateri to give their thoughts on some of their favorite moments and characters. The team also asks them the important question: does Prodigy make them want to watch more Trek?

Karyn Brown, host of Everything is Permitted's Top Chef post-show Everything is Delicious, also guests on the show as she helps break down the series premiere. What worked? Can adults enjoy Star Trek Prodigy as well? And why is the music so good?!

All those questions, plus the Strange New Loop and mailbag on episode 52 of A Strange New Pod.

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