Sept. 17, 2021

"The Spy Humongous" Review

Star Trek Lower Decks season two has officially reached its back half!  On this week's episode of ASNP, we're joined by special guest David Majors from the Promenade Merchants Podcast!

David joins Julian, Brittany, and Hawk as Mariner, Tendi, and Rutherford go through one of the lesser tasks aboard a starship: anomaly consolidation day. This week's episode also sees Brad Boimler join the Mean Girls of Star Trek, also known as the Red Shirts.

Did Tendi bite off more than she can chew? Is Bradword red shirt worthy? Find out on episode 47 of A Strange New Pod.

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David Majors

Podcaster and Producer

Described as a “prolific podcaster and producer”, David Majors fancies himself a multi-fandom specialist, an unofficial ambassador to his hometown of Detroit, and a techie and information junkie.
After his rebellious teens and twenties dabbling in anime and pro wrestling, David (Or D.j.m.) has made his way “back home” to Star Trek, with far too many stories of conventions, podcasts, and live streams to keep to himself.
Follow David on Twitter @CallMeDjm, and check out Record Breakers, Sports Odds & Ends, and Promenade Merchants in your podcatcher of choice! And remember to #StayEngaged