Feb. 28, 2022

Trek Untold - Locutus of Borg: Jean-Luc Picard and Trauma | Captain Picard Week

The damage of the Borg goes far beyond the remnants of starships at Wolf 359 and left deep scars on Jean-Luc Picard both mentally and physically. The traumatic experience of being abducted, violated, and utterly powerless filled the Captain with feelings that took him years to work through, some of which will likely be explored in the upcoming new seasons of Picard.

Trek Untold's Matthew Kaplowitz is joined by Jeff Akin of the Starfleet Leadership Academy Podcast and Michael Hough AKA Hawk from Strange New Pod for a discussion on the events that transformed Picard into Locutus and back again, the difficult feelings he contended with after, how one heals from times like that, and much more.

WARNING: This episode discusses serious topics that may be sensitive to some listeners. Discretion is advised.

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