Feb. 14, 2023

Trek Untold - The Ethics of Picard | Captain Picard Week II

Jean-Luc Picard is known for his diplomatic methods of solving problems and was confronted with numerous ethical conflicts when he sat in the Captain's chair. Each dilemma presented branching paths of outcomes for the people affected by this.

Join Matthew from Trek Untold  Ashlyn & Rhianna from The Duras Sisters, Hawk from Strange New Pod, and Dave from Treksperts Quiz as they explore some tough ethical decisions Picard made through his Starfleet career and whether or not they were the best choices.

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Ashlyn and Rhianna

The Duras Sisters Podcast

The Duras Sisters Podcast is all about honoring the fantastic characters and storylines in the Star Trek Universes. Two sisters, Ashlyn and Rhianna Herd, join the House of Duras and partake in weekly discussions about every series of Star Trek through a philosophical lens and Series Theme.

Each series will feature a theme and every new episode will travel from the Original Series to Lower Decks, diving deeply into each detail of this epic franchise. Episodes 1-9 is our Pilot Series, Episodes 10-17 will be our Family Series, followed by our Love and Affection Series.

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