Feb. 4, 2023

Meet the Titan Bridge Crew With These Brand New Character Profiles

Meet the Titan Bridge Crew With These Brand New Character Profiles

Another amazing Picard content drop from Terry Matalas

Trekkies hoping for more details about Star Trek Picard's upcoming third season were treated to that and then some when showrunner Terry Matalas posted details about the USS Titan's bridge crew on Saturday morning.

In his Twitter thread, Matalas gave new info on the Titan's captain Liam Shaw, helm officer Ensign Sidney La Forge, tactical officer Lt. Matthew Arliss Mura, science officer Lt. T'Veen, Comms officer Ensign Kova Esmar, and of course, commander and first officer of the Titan, Seven of Nine.

Head to the observation lounge, pull up a chair, and get to know just a little more about Titan and her crew. All captions posted with their photos are from Terry Matalas' Twitter thread.

Captain Liam Shaw - Commanding Officer, Human

A former engineer with a long history within Starfleet. As Matalas says, "more on him later."

Commander Seven of Nine - First Officer, Human

Placed into an accelerated Starfleet program against her better judgment.

Ensign Sidney La Forge - Helm Officer, Human

Unlike her sister, Alandra, [Sidney] didn't want to build ships, she wanted to fly them.

Lieutenant Matthew Arliss Mura - Tactical Officer, Bajoran

Lt. Mura (though if going by Bajoran standards, he might be addressed as Lt. Arliss) has served on the new Titan for the last three years and is exactly who you want at that station when you hear "give 'em everything we got!"

Lieutenant T'Veen - Science Officer, Vulcan

Several Captains fought to have her on their bridge. The Titan won.

Ensign Kova Rin Esmar - Communications Officer, Haliian 

They graduated at the top of their class and speak over 72 alien languages.

We've got to say, it's nice knowing even just a little bit more of what seems like an all-star bridge team on the Titan as we inch closer and closer to season three.

Star Trek Picard's third and final season debuts on Paramount+ in just under two weeks on Thursday, February 16th.