Feb. 18, 2022

New Line of Star Trek: Prodigy Toys Announced

New Line of Star Trek: Prodigy Toys Announced

Star Trek: Prodigy was a major coup for the franchise, bringing the Star Trek universe, with the help of the team at Nickelodeon Studios, to its youngest audience yet.

With its breathtaking animation, soaring musical score, and a story that appeals to children and adults alike, Star Trek: Prodigy brought these quirky yet endearing new characters safely home to our hearts. 

Here at strangenewpod.com, we fell in love with these brave new heroes and marveled at the depth and breadth of the writing. The team behind the show knew that Star Trek fans of old would be sitting right next to their kids for this one, watching along with the adventures of another intrepid crew. Now, starting this October, these same beloved characters will soon be finding a place in your child’s toy box. 

According to this article from Startrek.com, hot off the heels of the show’s epic first season, Playmates has announced a line of toys based on the lovable crew of the USS Protostar. The lineup includes: 

-Dal R’El (complete with Murf)


-Jankom Pog

-Hologram Janeway (Not Pictured)


-Rok-Tahk (coming early next year)

At a five-inch, 1:14 scale design, with 14 points of articulation, these incredibly detailed action figures will have your child creating and recreating their favourite adventures of the Protostar crew. Playmates Toys senior VP, Karl Aaronian, had this to say about the new line:

“We are excited to be bringing Star Trek: Prodigy toys and accessories home to families for the first time. This new lineup we are unveiling is highly focused on playability-we want kids to take the toys out of the packaging and engage in imaginative play as if they were part of the Star Trek world themselves”

The toys will be making their debut with online retailers later this October and toy store shelves in early 2023, with vehicles, new characters, and other accessories coming out later in the same year. 

Though intended for children, these toys will also look great on the shelves of Star Trek fans who are young at heart. 

Star Trek: Prodigy follows the exploits of a ragtag group of children, who escape their tormentors after the unearthing of a unique Starfleet vessel, lost for many years. As they try to learn how to operate their new ship and escape the clutches of a ruthless foe, these kids discover that family is what you make it, wherever you find it, even in the furthest reaches of the Delta Quadrant.