Jan. 24, 2022

Wish Upon "A Moral Star" With Three New Images From Prodigy 109

Wish Upon

We're inching ever closer to the Star Trek Prodigy mid-season finale...

And it seems like the crew of the USS Protostar is going to have to grow up fast and make their hardest decision so far: Head back to where it all started. Here's the episode synopsis.

The crew forgo their dreams of Starfleet to return to Tars Lamora in a no-win scenario.

"A Moral Star, Part 1" is written by the Star Trek Prodigy Writers Room (Kevin & Dan Hageman, Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Lisa Schultz Boyd, Nikhil S. Jayaram, Diandra Pendleton-Thompson, Chad Quandt, Aaron J. Waltke) and directed by Ben Hibon.

We're covering every episode of Star Trek Prodigy LIVE on Twitch Thursdays at 9:30 PM ET. Don't forget to join us and chime in on what you thought of each week's new episode along with the rest of our Collective. Here are three new images from "A Moral Star, Part 1."

"A Moral Star, Part 1" Episode Images:

John Noble as The Diviner and Ella Purnell as Gwyn 

Brett Gray as Dal and Mulgrew as Janeway

Angus Imrie as Zero and Dee Bradley Baker as Murf