Sept. 24, 2021

Who is La'an Noonien Singh?

Who is La'an Noonien Singh?

By the ASNP Crew

We Ask Our Collective the Burning Question...

It's been a little over two weeks since the world got its first look at the crew of Star Trek Strange New Worlds, and one of the biggest mysteries to come out of the video package was Christina Chong's character: La'an Noonien Singh. That's right, as in Khan Nonnien Singh (prince, super-human, killer, you get the idea).

Of course, fans far and wide immediately were taken aback. Is La'an related to Khan? Is she his wife? Happy coincidence? Isn't this going to break Trek canon? All valid questions. And while we may not have any firm release window for Strange New Worlds, it's never too early to theorize. We asked our Discord Collective and some of our crew a very simple question: Who is La'an Noonien Singh? Here's a list of what they came up with.

Harrison, John Harrison

1. In the distant past of 1995, there was a super soldier hell-bent on taking over the world. The world knew him as John Harrison, hiding his true identity as Khan Noonien-Singh. Before his take over of the SS Botany Bay, he fathered some children hoping that they would remain the absolute rulers of Asia through the Middle East. Just like in the 20th Century, there lived the Kennedy family, which attempted to be a political dynasty in America, the Singh dynasty was ruling Asia. 

Still, after 12 generations, the dynasty had fallen out of disarray. The last surviving member of the Singh family had heard rumours that NASA had discovered a potential location for the Botany Bay. (See Voyager's first official mission for Friendship One for similarities) so a newly graduated ensign of Starfleet Academy found her way onto the newest flagship of the Federation, the USS Enterprise commanded by Captain Christopher Pike. -Haven, Patron Collective Member

Life, from lifelessness...

2. Come with me down the rabbit hole, folks; let's take the red pill together! She's not a descendant of Khan... She is Khan! The explosion of the Reliant (See Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), mixed with the power of the Genesis device (and perhaps Khan's own burning rage and refusal to perish until his revenge was sealed), was so powerful that it propelled his essence back in time, and given new life and form- though still with all of Khan's previous knowledge and memories intact. 

No longer as fast, strong, and 'superior' as they once were, they must now be ruthlessly cunning and strategic. Joining Starfleet in an attempt to get on board the Enterprise, only to realize it's too soon before Kirk's time. But La'an sees a golden opportunity to change time itself to suit their ends! -Lexi Denton, Discord Collective Member

Every time new crew members asks La'an if she's related to a mass murderer...

3. I think she has nothing to do with Khan, and every time she gets introduced to someone, she has to say she's not related to him. -Ian Davies, Patron Collective Member

The super-human family

4. It would be interesting if she was somehow Khan's daughter or sister so that way it wouldn't derail Strange New Worlds from tying into the continuity of TOS and its subsequent films. It would also be amazing if she wasn't related, so it's a big red herring! -Brittany Tomes, ASNP Co-Host

My name is....Khan....right?

5. Star Trek Into Darkness tried to do Khan and failed miserably, to put it bluntly. The constant redirects, the uber secrecy surrounding anything JJ Abrams, it was a recipe for disaster. Benedict Cumberbatch did well enough with what he was given, but between his skin color and code name John Harrison, the Kelvinverse version of the character struck out.

Alex Kurtzman was a writer and producer on that film and is now responsible for all of the amazing Trek we've gotten since 2017. I don't think he's going to make the same mistake twice. I can't say who La'an is or who she may end up being, but I will say this. Whoever she turns out to be will have long-lasting implications not just on Strange New Worlds but on Star Trek as a whole. -Julian Brown, ASNP Creator & Host

Khan's ship, the SS Botany Bay found by the USS Enterprise in 2267

There you have it. Who do you think La'an Noonien Singh is? Let us know. Hit the contact tab above and shoot us an email with your theories? We may read it on our next podcast episode. Star Trek Strange New Worlds premieres sometime in 2022.