March 17, 2023

Picard "Imposters" Review w/ Jessie Gender

The SNP crew welcomes our friend and special guest, Jessie Gender, back to the show to talk about her upcoming film project, IDENTITEAZE! Jessie also sticks around to give Emcee, Erik, Hawk, and Julian a hand reviewing this week's unforgettable episode of Star Trek Picard, "Imposters."

What are the repercussions of Titan returning to Federation space?  What happens when a ghost from Jean-Luc's time aboard the Enterprise-D returns in a Starfleet uniform? What do Jack's visions mean? Can Raffi and Worf outsmart a Vulcan gangster? The team breaks it all down!

Plus the mailbag, some news, and much more on episode 127 of Strange New Pod!

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Jessie Gender


Jessie Earl is a video producer, journalist and LGBTQ advocate. She is known for her YouTube channel “Jessie Gender” where she dissects social issues through a geek lens, but she has also written for Gamespot, The Advocate, Out Magazine, Skybound Entertainment, Microsoft and more. She’s also a huge Trekkie.