May 6, 2022

Strange New Worlds Series Premiere: "Strange New Worlds" Review w/ Jessie Gender

It's the moment we've been waiting for as a podcast for almost two years; Strange New Worlds is finally here, and the team is here to review and break it all down with a very special guest, Jessie Gender!

What is so urgent that Robert April has to order Captain Pike out of his self-imposed exile? Why is Spock naked? How does Pike’s knowledge of his future affect his captaincy early on? And can the crew not only rescue Number One but prevent a planet from making the same mistakes as Earth? Erik, Girafe, Hawk, Jessie, and Julian have the answers to all these questions and more.

Plus, SNP's new Crew Member of the Week segment, redshirt counter, mailbag, and so much more on episode 82 of Strange New Pod!

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Jessie Gender


Jessie Earl is a video producer, journalist and LGBTQ advocate. She is known for her YouTube channel “Jessie Gender” where she dissects social issues through a geek lens, but she has also written for Gamespot, The Advocate, Out Magazine, Skybound Entertainment, Microsoft and more. She’s also a huge Trekkie.