March 3, 2023

Picard "Seventeen Seconds" Review

Join Emcee, Erik, Girafe, Hawk, and Julian as they deep dive and review that bombshell of an episode of Picard, "Seventeen Seconds."

What happens when the Shrike forces the Titan deeper into the Nebula? What’s said between Jean-Luc and Beverly about their son? When Shaw is critically injured and Riker takes command of the Titan, why do Will and Jean-Luc comes at odds? And with Raffi now working with Worf, what game changing discovery do they make on M’Talas Prime that is connected to the same discovery Jack and Seven make aboard the Titan? The team breaks it all down!

Plus, the Strange New Loop, mailbag, and much more on episode 125 of Strange New Pod. 

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