Dec. 3, 2021

Bonnie Gordon + "Choose to Live" Review

ASNP is joined by a very special guest this week, as Bonnie Gordon, the voice of the USS Protostar on Star Trek Prodigy reveals how she went about getting the role, her friendship with our co-host Erin, and her time at Star Trek: The Experience.

Then, it's onto this week's review of Star Trek Discovery episode 403, "Choose to Live." How did Michael handle working with her mother on a joint Qowat Milat/Starfleet mission to apprehend a rogue sister? Did Stamets get any more answers about what they're now calling the Dark Matter anomaly? And did Gray's consciousness successfully transfer over to his new body?

We have all the answers, plus the Strange New Loop on episode 57 of ASNP.

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Bonnie Gordon

Voiceover actor/Singer