July 15, 2022

Balancing the Terror + Matthew MacFadzean Interview

For the first time in 29 weeks, Strange New Pod doesn't have a new episode of Star Trek to review. Not to worry, though, as Strange New Worlds gave us plenty to deep dive and dissect.

This week, it's the pod of old as the crew deep dive all the similarities and differences between the Strange New Worlds finale "A Quality of Mercy" and the classic TOS season one episode "Balance of Terror."

The podcast also had the honor and privilege of sitting down with the Romulan Commander himself, Matthew MacFadzean. The SNP team talked about what it was like to take on such an iconic role, the makeup process, being on set during strictCOVID restrictions, and so much more.

So grab a bottle of Romulan Ale, engage that cloak, and enjoy episode 92 of Strange New Pod!

Time Index:

6:43 - Interview with Matthew MacFadzean

33:49 - Deep Diving "A Quality of Mercy and "Balance of Terror"

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Matthew MacFadzeanProfile Photo

Matthew MacFadzean

Matthew is an actor and writer, best known to Strange New Pod viewers as the Romulan Commander from Strange New Worlds' season 1 finale, "A Quality of Mercy."