Dec. 30, 2022

"Supernova, Part 2" Prodigy S1 Finale Review + The Hageman Brothers Interview

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It's Strange New Pod's final episode of 2022, and the show goes out with a bang with Star Trek Prodigy's season one finale, "Supernova, Part 2."

The crew welcomes very special guests, Prodigy creators and showrunners Dan and Kevin Hageman, to give their insight into the finale as well as season one as a whole...and maybe one or two morsels about season two! 

Then, it's onto the crew's review and breakdown of "Supernova, Part 2." When the Protostar crew realizes the ship must be destroyed to save Starfleet, who stays behind and makes the ultimate sacrifice? Lost in space, do they find their way to Starfleet Command? The teams break it all down!

Plus, the mailbag and much more on our final pod of 2022. 

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Dan & Kevin HagemanProfile Photo

Dan & Kevin Hageman

Creators and Showrunners

The Hageman Brothers are the creators and showrunners of Star Trek: Prodigy. Other notable works from Dan and Kevin include Ninjago, Trollhunters, and the Lego Movie.