June 4, 2021

Reaching For the Stars

On this very special edition of A Strange New Pod, Ensign Erin hosts an all-women panel to help review and deep dive the new documentary, Woman in Motion.

Join Erin and Brittany as they welcome frequent contributor Spotted Giraffe and special guest Lisa J from No Pink Spandex to the show as they talk about how Nichelle Nichols not only inspired a new generation of NASA astronauts but impacted their lives as well. 

All that on this memorable 34th episode of ASNP.

Woman in Motion is streaming now via Paramount Plus, and available to purchase on multiple streaming platforms.

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Spotted Giraffe

Wild Tribble Chase founding member, die-hard TOS appreciator, inspired communication officer on a lifelong globe-trotting mission, occasional Rogue Drunk Space 9 organizer, official lizard bébé, "snack" aficionado, and first Collective member to get married on board of the Enterprise with ASNP crew as a bridesmaid, Giraffe is the CAPTAIN NOW!