Jan. 20, 2023

Profit & Whips | The Best of the Ferengi on TNG

SNP's best of species series continues this week as Hawk and Julian  welcome collective member Jessko aboard to help them deep dive the Ferengi's origins on Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

From their troublesome debut in "The Last Outpost" to episodes that pave the way for the Ferengi's future like "Suspicions," Jess and team try to cover it all...yes, even the Ferengi Memo.

Plus, the Strange New Loop and much more on episode 119 of Strange New Pod!

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JessKo is a cosplayer and author with an interest in the lore and alien worlds of Star Trek. She likes to explore the world of Star Trek through cosplay and storytelling, especially the Ferengi and Andorians.