Aug. 19, 2022

Boom! Drumhead, Part Two | Analyzing Una & Carol's Upcoming Trials

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It's part two of our courtroom drama series, as the crew welcomes Josh Gilliandand Nari Elyfrom The Legal Geeks to the show, bringing their expertise to this week's deep dive into both Number One and Captain Freeman's upcoming trials.

What will the outcomes be when both Una and Carol have their day in court? How hard can Starfleet go if they are found guilty? And what weight do their assumed charges hold? Josh and Nari answer all these questions and more in incredible detail.

Plus, one of our most in depth Strange New Loops ever, the mailbag, and much more on episode 96 of Strange New Pod!

Time Stamps:

34:05 - Starfleet Command vs. Chin-Riley, Una - Commander,
U.S.S. Enterprise
1:16:47 - Starfleet Command vs. Freeman, Carol - Captain,
U.S.S. Cerritos

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