Oct. 15, 2021

"First First Contact" Review + Season Two Wrap-Up

Star Trek Lower Decks sophomore season wrapped up an incredible run this past Thursday and the ASNP crew are at their stations as they review the finale, "First First Contact."

Joining the show once again is David Majors from Promenade Merchants Podcast!

What did the team think about the cliffhanger ending? What are their theories looking ahead to season three?

The team also takes a look back at the ten-episode second season. What worked, what didn't, who grew, and who took a step back? We try to answer all these questions.

Plus, the final subspace polls and mailbag of the season on episode 51 of A Strange New Pod.

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David Majors

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Described as a “prolific podcaster and producer”, David Majors fancies himself a multi-fandom specialist, an unofficial ambassador to his hometown of Detroit, and a techie and information junkie.
After his rebellious teens and twenties dabbling in anime and pro wrestling, David (Or D.j.m.) has made his way “back home” to Star Trek, with far too many stories of conventions, podcasts, and live streams to keep to himself.
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