Oct. 2, 2020

Particle Perfection

As we inch closer and closer to Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, Trekmovie.com recently posted an article with the theory that the Omega Molecule from the Voyager episode, "The Omega Directive" is possibly the cause of "The Burn."

With that, the ASNP crew deep dive "The Omega Directive" with special guest Myrriah Gossett from Star Trek Discovery Pod. Plus, our guest and the crew give their theories on what "The Burn" is, and what possibly caused it.

All that and more on the tenth episode of A Strange New Pod.

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Myrriah GossettProfile Photo

Myrriah Gossett

Media Producer

Myrriah Gossett is an independent media producer in Austin,TX. She currently records audio and video at Permanent RCRD Studios as an engineer. She is one of the co-hosts on Star Trek Discovery Pod.